Step-by-step guide to starting your ecommerce

Starting an online business requires some planning and activities. Understand the guide below so that you can start your business.

1. Develop Your Business Concept

The first stage is to develop the concept for the new business as clearly as possible. This can take months but it needs to be thorough.

At the conceptual stage you will needed to refine a number of elements. First, who would be the primary target market? You could keep it broad or narrow it down to a specific target market. Each target market would need a somewhat different marketing and product delivery approach. So part of the concept development stage involved working out exactly how to handle this. Most experts recommend narrowing an e-business focus rather than broadening it, since it's much easier for small players to succeed with a niche approach, than offering a product or service that tries to be all things to all people and ends up very shallow.

Considered the revenue model. Will you be selling products or services? You will also need to consider how this will cover the cost of domain, hosting, directory listing as well as how to maintain a profitable business.

2. Prepare a Unique Selling Proposition

Summarizes the Unique Selling Proposition, and differentiates it from the many thousands of other business similar to you on the Internet today.

Highlight the unique aspects of your business, products and service. Combine with your mode of delivery and you will have your unique selling proposition

If you can write a clear and precise USP, you have a chance for success. If you can't, don't waste your energy, time, and money. A clear USP is an essential component for a prosperous e-business -- any business for that matter.

3. Get a Domain Name

Domain name is the identity of your business. Your domain name should be memorable and easy to understand. It could be a catch phrase related to your business. Make sure you secure your domain name to prevent it from being hijacked by other businesses.

4. Construct Website and E-mail Systems

The next stage is to create your website and email. If you are doing it yourself, it could be a daunting task as it requires some technical knowledge to develop. However all is not lost, as you can contact us to help you get started

5. Start Your Business

Start your business by annoucing it to the world. You can start by using a mailing list, or ever posting your business to an online local directory. Some businesses prefer to use Google Adword services so that their business can be found online.

The latest trend is to use social media by taking advantage of its viral effect to market. This can significantly boost your audience, encouraging community participation and feedback for your business as well.

Start Your Website

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